Travel Memory About Apple Store

Since Jobs established Apple.Inc in 1st April, 1976(yes, it starts at April Fool's Day), it's always the leader of brand new concept and consumer electronics. Nowadays, it's no longer a small, flex company in the garage, the expensive iPhone and Macbook  show it's a colossus. But it's still a nice experience to visit apple store around the world, that's the heritage for Jobs.

(What's the core of apple store? Glass! Glass stages, glass walls, glass productions)

People in China used to shopping online, they went to the store mainly to try the productions. Have you been to any apple stores, and how you feel in it?

The first store I pass by, in Köln, with a spring in front

Take a closer look, a meaningless stages in it

The gate, it like a symbolize not a store

Apple Store at West Lake, a beautiful interface made up by glasses.

one hour before open for business, on Sunday

The most important element, glass stages lol

In Ningbo, Tianyi Square, glass, glass, and glass

The apple stores are slightly different around the world, and I'll keep updating this blog

(By the way, I got a Triple-Traded iPhone SE from my friend, quiet nice feeling😊)

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Travel Memory About Apple Store