Last week, a German film was released in China, few German films are released in China. In that case, I went to the cinema upon the second day on the show.

at douban, one of the top movies in china

The original name of the film is Heidi, tells a fairytale happened in Switzerland. It has Original novel by a Swiss writer, and has Chinese version years ago.(the first shown was in 2015 in german, three and half years later, it came to the cinema in sino-theater)

the chinese verison's cover

 In China, it’s named as “Heidi and his grandfather”, The reason why it changes the name is that the Actor, Bruno Ganz, he’s gone early this year and actually, he’s really famous for the movie Der Untergang, impressive actions as the role of mien führer.

The movie only tells a simple story, actually a story for the kids, nothing to show at all, and it comes to the movie scene and language.

The background is set in Alps and Frankfurt, during the First industrial revolution, dusty cities, and the Rough mountain area. Half of the movie shows the amazing views among the hills, it’s inconceivable beautiful and hard for me to imagine. Another character, the majordomo, says it’s too Repress to live in the Alps while Heidi feels the same in Frankfurt😂.

The second impressive action is the life of farmers in the mountainside, rough and happy, quite different from the urban ones. Making everything by hands, no better than the Chinese farmers at that age, and with the snow, they can’t work in winter at all.

The language, as a beginner, Heidi can do less than me in Spelling words, and I also learn some words from it. Such as "alies"

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