Football elf: Ronaldinho

Recently, I am really crazy about football. I do enjoy the fun my favorite football club brings to me. I also enjoy the sadness when my idol loss games. Today I don’t wanna talk about who is the goat(greatest of all time) in the football world. Maybe I am a fan of Lionel Messi, but now I am going to recommend another football player to your guys -- Ronaldinho! He would be the superstar in this paper because of his brilliant football skills and bright smiles.


There is so many genii in football fields, but only Ronaldinho shares his charming smiles with football fans from all of the worlds in every match, always! I guess many people fall in love with football begin with Ronaldinho’s signature smile, which is unabashed, undivided, and always filled with innocent joy. He is not an elegant dancer, but with dance on the field, he created a legend. Every time he celebrates after his goals, his thumbs and little fingers are up and swinging from side to side in a unique gesture of celebration that expresses friendship, understanding, and happiness. Chelsea’s fans have said: there may be a hundred reasons to hate Barcelona, but there is no one reason to hate Ronaldinho.


Twenty years of career winding down, like a gathering party goes(ushered ) into the last dance. When the melody was fading out winding down, the spirit who had been spinning on the field for 20 years completed his final dance steps. He waved away as the crowd watched. Even though he no longer danced, his voice remained very pleasing. In the lingering sound, the legend created by the dancers has been transformed into the ever-dancing notes in the memory, flashing the smile of a freedom child. Also only in this natural smile, can people quiet and perceive this period of classic cantabile years.


Those who have loved football can definitely feel Ronaldinho's smile, which is the truth and dream. I will treasure the purest happiness that football can bring, forever!



Smile only for those who know how to smile. May this article bring you happiness.


And with some nice moves

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Football elf: Ronaldinho