My view on Germany

Under polishing

As is known to my friends, I speed several days in Germany last year, by chance. And during the week, I felt a lot, in a realism aspect.

Germany was a vague imagine on the other side of the continent in my mind, what I know about the nation is the brilliant machines( Benz invented the automobile, Siemens created the electromotor, and Diesel redefined the diesel😂) and RWTH(The institution give a lot in the realm of engineering ), the same as those who live in Brazil or someplace further.

After the trip, it became more solid, feel like move away from the glass in front. For example, I know the Grimm's fairytale is from Germany, my second favorite musician, Beethoven, German, my second favorite speed racer, Sebastian Vettel, German, and even my second favorite basketball player, Nowitzki, from Germany. With so many outstanding representatives, Germany’s a place out of my imagination (I found Kafka created his works in Germany, also I don’t enjoy that).

Retailed, with honor

While I finish the trip, I found some aspect I’ll never find if I haven’t been there. (through the internet and TV away! Real things are better than the imagines.)

First, I really enjoy the food, even I’m from China. The most common food, is not Wurst, but Kartollel (potato). I don’t know if it’s national wide, but limit to the place I live, yes. I love the potato dish, in China, the cook only chops them into strips, with some salt, fly them, but I saw variety ways, make into a piece, pie, mash, unbelievable, enough for me to enjoy the potato in my rest life. So does the bread. Brezel and other kind I can’t say the name, hard, salty and nice. Also the drink, I’m not mean the beer, but Fenta. Fanta's a world-famous soda, but it’s from the country, during the WWII, The U.S. block the goods, including Coca-cola secret basic, then the production created the juice sodas. And the Chinese make it more colorful. (more information click

Chinesisch Fenta!

The second is the people here. The media in China cast that the war in middle-east and north Africa run to Eure, but what I saw is a long history of accepting the immigrant, and doner kebab is from the place.

Also the religion (the view on the west). As a Chinese, religion means nothing but some buildings, also I’ll go to the temper when the new year, but everyone went there then, even the no-Buddhist (the same in East Asia). And In the Chinese temper, U can find the image of Tao, just like that. What a shock when I know the Christ can divide as Catholic and Episcopalian, have different churches, and there even were fights between the two, as a country that the two convergence, hard to understand for my kind.

Last but the most, the language. As far as I know, a lot of countries use Deutsch, including Fürstentum Liechtenstein. I know little about it, but when all the other language call their own nation motherland, Vaterland? Since I have a lot to do with Germany (and some of my friends are German), I think I need to learn the language (I believe there’s magic in languages, if not, how the wizards and witches conjure?).


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  1. Mimi

    You’re really fond of Germany haha have fun and good luck with learning the language!

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My view on Germany