Using the iPhone: Lol

I got an iPhone from my friend, Tangm ( early this month, and I totally love it when I using the mobile device. That's an iPhone se, special one, even has "special" in its name ("se" stands for special edition ). All introduction is basic on iPhone se with iOS 12.2.  Following my feelings about iPhone, and the most useful funs😀

First, the screenshot. It has physical buttons to get the screenshot! On the iPhone, you can frozen it with the button on the top and the round one, making it a nice feeling to do so. After paint or mark something, send to your friends, U can decide cut or keep it, better than android.

Safari is a nice browser, if it's not only used on iPhone.😂

the edit interface

The iPhone also limited my screen time. That's a function in the iOS 12 system, calculate the time you use it.

Not only that, I can also set a limit on it, such as, I make a deal that I can only check the website 30min per day, then the phone will add a lock on to it. But it's a bit strange, I got an iPhone, set limits to keep me away from it😵

The limit, I can ignore it

The third, it provides a nice shortcut to many apps, I can use the alipay, and even learn Germany from it, that's a nice way to make life easier.

That's the good sides of the iPhone, but I also meet a lot disadvantages. Such as the short-last buttery, and a small screen,(After use the iPhone, small display is acceptable for me, I can use the full size keyboard on it😁) meanwhile, it's also costly to have an iPhone if you want to get the least one. I got it from my friend, he bought a new iPhone and I took the old one, if you got someone has two iPhone, and by chance he's your best friend, you can act as shameless as me, a nice chance to experience the unique smart phone.

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    • abadd

      U idiot

    • abadd

      Thank U for the iPhone, I won’t give it back now.

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Using the iPhone: Lol