A Study in Apocrypha

It has been 136 years since the first Holmes story released at the Strand Magazine, and during the following 27 years, Sir Doyle created 4 novellas and 56 short stories, making Sherlock Holmes the most classic images on the stage of virtual detectives. But will the raw tales satisfy the fans all over the world? Obviously impossible! And for the love of Sherlock, the new works—Fan fiction or Apocrypha in another way, been created, and the process never-ending.

And the topics of these is quite a lot, I will give out a brief classification introduced. (I divide them into three parts)

The first kind still reminds in the Victorian, and create new stories of Holmes. The typical works are from John Dickson Carr and Morice Leblanc.

The Exploits of SH Chinese Ed

Carr, be recognized as one of the greatest detective novel writers,(in his age, he’s as famous as Agatha Christie and Ellery Queen) He created The exploit of Sherlock Holmes, someone says he attaches too many features, such the knowledge to the sky, the violin skill and shooting in the room, but that’s what I like, it’s a collection worth reading.

It's a game





Morice Leblanc, who writes the Arsene Lupin, another classic character, created the first Lupin stories, with Holmes on stage, and that’s a French story, French wins.




In the field of movie and series, both BBC and Hollywood created thousands of the stories, I’m impressed with by iron-man-like Holmes. Lol. Another important branch is Holmes V.S. Jack the Ripper. Jack the Ripper is a real character in history, a cruel murderer, haven’t grasp till now. The tales mostly create in the 20th century, those who want to solve the problems fancy Holmes solved the case.

Shimada Soji, like a



The most outstanding one, by Shimada Soji, 切り裂きジャックの世紀-古い孤独, with two lines in it, showing his answer. Detective Conan the movie The Undead of Baker Street, anyway they did make it.

A long Time ago......







The second kind, let the Holmes into the modern age, mostly taken by the TV series makers.

Old style


BBC series Sherlock, since 2010, a modern, long-face Holmes, world-famous now, is there a season 5?

Will Holmes marry Watson?

Elementary by CBS, bring us a female Watson,



Females, beautiful





In the Japanese ones, Miss Sherlock, both female Sherlock and Watson, the most impressive detail, female Sherlock can bouncing and vivacious in high heels.




The largest disadvantage, also the advantage, they are basically on the original stories and for those who already know, it’s easy to know who’s the murderer.

The last group, also the fuzziest kind, both Holmes and Watson don’t show up. Le Mystere Sherlock, a funny book, using the place and mock those who addict in the virtual world, really worth a read.

I can tell more about the topic, but for long I only read the Chinese books, the introduction is only a part of my research, welcome to share your view.

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  1. Mimi

    Definitely gonna check out some of these, thanks for the recommendations!
    The two Sherlock Holmes movies were pretty good, Detective Conan is definitely one of the best and Sherlock and Elementary are untouchable, in my opinion. I recommend you the game “Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter” and the on Sherlock Holmes based books from Anthony Horowitz, i can say these are some of the best for sure

    PS: We need a new Sherlock season asap haha

    • abadd

      Thank U! I played the game U mention, to be honest, I don’t like it very much. And Anthony Horowitz, I only see a Germany site on wiki, I’ll read it when my speak the language better!

  2. chen cong

    lao yang heng six six six

    • abadd

      Chinese style English!

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A Study in Apocrypha